A week of meetings and discussions, that from 11 to 16 of November in Rome for the Eight session of the governing body of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture. The ITPGR is the key international treaty whose primary purpose is to save the basis of the world’s crops starting with taking care of the seeds.

ITPGR came into force 15 years ago and since then it has established and regulated a multilateral system of access and benefit-sharing. ITPGR is also the first legally-binding instrument recognizing the fundamental contribution of indigenous people and smallholder farmers as traditional custodians of the world’s food crops. In fact, Article 9 of the International Treaty gives governments the responsibility for implementing Farmers’ Rights and lists measures that could be taken to protect, promote and realize these rights.

On the agenda of the Eight session meeting, a focus on organizational matters, implementation of the treaty and program of work and budget.

DYNAVERSITY will be present taking part to the session and organizing a side event on Friday 15 November, at 1:15 during lunch time, dedicated to “The Importance of Sustainable Use of PGRFA in Europe”. The speakers of the side event are:

Riccardo Bocci (Rete Semi Rurali, Italy) on Why sustainable use matters in Europe and how to set up a network of actors: the experience of DYNAVERSITY;

Regine Andersen (Fridtjof Nansen Institute, Norway) on Community Agrobiodiversity Management in Europe: the role of Community Seed Banks;

François Meienberg (Pro Specie Rara, Switzerland) on Social actor implementing the Treaty, the experience of Pro Specie Rara;

Matthias Lorimer (European Coordination Let’s Liberate Diversity, Europe), The EU on-farm network.