DYNAVERSITY project is also working on training of students, technicians and scientists to develop an innovative curriculum on agricultural diversity. Training activities are embedded in the cultural humus of the project looking at in situ conservation from different and interrelated dimensions, involving technical and social-science competences.

INRA (France), which leads the DYNAVERSITY workpackage “Increasing diversity in food systems”, is the main responsible for these training activities. During the first two years of the project, INRA organized several training activities in collaboration with the sister project CERERE.

A key example was the training for teachers and peasant backers, held on May 15-17 2019 at the farm “Jardins de Siloé” in Maure de Bretagne (Val d’Anast) and at the Ecodomaine de l’Etrillet in Bruz.

The training focused on minor cereals such as millet, rye, einkorn, rivet wheat, etc. It was addressed to teachers who wanted to learn more about those cereals, cultivated biodiversity and peasant seeds issues, to be able to organize pedagogical activities in their classes. Peasant backers, cookers and farmers doing on farm cereals processing also attended the training.

The event has been recognized by the Agriculture Ministry, which included it in its National Training Program.

During the three days, the participants also attended some practical workshops where they made minor crops sourdough bread and biscuits. An association called “Le pain qui court” participated with a mobile bread oven in order to facilitate bread making sessions.

Similar training activities will be organized also in 2020 with the overall mission of “training the trainers”, especially school teachers, to include DYNAVERSITY’s key concepts and experiences within school activities. Stay tuned for more updates!

Photo Credits: INRA