The DYNAVERSITY project analysed the context of genetic resources in Europe, mapping stakeholders and sites involved in PGRFA (Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture) conservation and use. The aim was to map social actors (mainly national seed savers, seed networks and NGOs) and involve them within the social European agrobiodiversity movement called European Coordination Let’s Liberate Diversity! (EC-LLD).

As a working methodology, it was chosen to first map all social actors working with PGRFAs and specifically promoting on-farm management. Thus, a list with almost all major European realities was created in order to have a general overview and to involve them in the activities proposed by DYNAVERSITY and the European EC-LLD network. The strategy proved to be successful and by the end of the project, 10 national organisations became members of EC-LLD. This important result has thus reinforced and expanded ECLLD’s action to promote a new system of governance and sharing activities of seed networks becoming a central platform.

At the same time, to understand in which environment actors, stakeholders and sites are involved in PGRFA issues, a network analysis of past 14 ECLLD Forums was carried out. After building the database with the various information available on the participants and their organisations over the years, the relevant information to understand the impact this network has on on-farm management was extracted. Besides confirming that such events involve many different actors (multi-actors meetings) it is shown a strong involvement of local actors. The main outputs of the LLD and LCD workshops, and how the vocabulary used within the programmes and workshops has changed over the years, were also reported.

The following Story Map presents the most interesting results of this network analysis.

Our project is very diverse also in terms of cultures and places. Get in touch and discover who we are and what we do!

Actors involved in biodiversity management are part of many networks, in different countries and working in different languages.

In order to promote the circulation of information, to enhance interactions and synergies between them, Dynaversity links to those websites that offer newsletters or periodic news on agrobiodiversity and seed networks.

You can select the one that is closer to you and subscribe or get in direct contact with them and take part to their activities. Just follow these links.

EC-LLD - Newsletter
The European Coordination Let’s Liberate Diversity (Dynaversity partner) publishes a newsletter in English and French.
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Rete Semi Rurali - Bulletin
Rete Semi Rurali (Dynaversity partner) published since 2007 a bulletin in Italian.
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CIRAD - Newsletter
CIRAD (Dynaversity partner) published since 2017 a Newsletter in French.
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URGENCI - Newsletter
URGENCI (Dynaversity partner) publishes a newsletter in English and French.
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ESSRG - News and updates
ESSRG (Dynaversity partner), publishes news and updates in English and Hungarian on their website.
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Réseau Semences Paysannes - Newsletter
Réseau Semences Paysannes releases a newsletter in French via subscription.
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Irish Seed Savers - Newsletter
Irish Seed Savers Association releases a newsletter in English via subscription.
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Red Andaluza de Semillas - Many ways to participate
Red Andaluza de Semillas offers a range of different ways to take part in their activities and get to know them. All of these activities are held in Spanish, as it is their website, publications and news.
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PRO SPECIE RARA - Newsletter
PRO SPECIE RARA, one of our stakeholders, publishes a newsletter in German, French and Italian.
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