December 5th is the opening day for the Forum “Origin, Diversity and Territories”, an international community of practice and knowledge on the interactions between cultural and biological diversities, dynamics and the sustainable territorial valorization of origin products and services in rural areas.

The main objective of the Forum, that will take place at the University of Lausanne from the 5th to the 6th of December, is to provide a platform for the exchange of experiences and knowledge among a wide range of international stakeholders, all engaged in new ways of thinking and doing development, where the identity, origin, quality and local diversities are considered as inclusive dynamic catalysts for local and regional development.”

For Dynaversity, Jocelyn Parot, from Urgenci, and Charline Ducottet, from INRA, will intervene on the workshop 2 entitled “Agroecology, biological and cultural diversity in agricultural and food systems”. Parot and Ducottet will present the study on CSA and agrobiodiversity realized within Dynaversity (deliverable 3.1 “consumer awareness”). More specifically, results of the study will show the potential of CSA for the dynamic on farm management of agrobiodiversity.

More info and the full program can be found here: