The exhibit  “DYNAVERSITY – Plant, People and the Future of Food” is continuing its European tour! After the success in Tuscany and in Denmark, the pictures will go back to Italy for the so-called “Palio del Grano”, which will be held on 15-21 July at Caselle in Pittari, Salerno, Italy.

The event is a homage to the combination of tradition and innovation in rural life. It starts at sunrise in the main square and involves many participants dressed in old-time rural garb, but it is much more than an historical celebration. The ancient rural knowledge is linked with the most recent techniques, towards a sustainable and innovative agriculture.

During the “Palio del Grano”, different competitions are also organized, for example harvesting a swath of field that measures 5 meters by 100 meters in teams of 20 people armed with sickles.

The DYNAVERSITY exhibit will be opened on Friday, July 19th at 19.30 and will stay on during the weekend from 19 to 21 with free entrance.

The exhibit portraits community of people experimenting new ways to promote agrobiodiversity, combining tradition and innovation in agriculture. It also features the past edition of “Palio del Grano” in Caselle in Pittari, witnessing this important event to keep alive the rural tradition in Southern Italy. The pictures by Italian photographer Italo Rondinella were taken in Italy, Ireland, Hungary, France, and Spain. The exhibit, supported by the DYNAVERSITY project, will keep travelling around Europe in the next months.

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Photo credits: Italo Rondinella – / DYNAVERSITY Project – / CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Public License)