How areCommunity Supported Agriculture (CSA) Farmers and CSA Members contributing to cultivated biodiversity?

Community Supported Agriculture seems to be a perfect model to renew cultivated diversity for agriculture. But is this true on the field, at grassroots’ level? And which challenges are CSA members and farmers facing when it comes to preserving biodiversity in situ?

One of the effort of Dynaversity is getting to know more and better the active players, and CSA farmers and members play a key role in this. Therefore, seven project partners led by Urgenci and operating in five different countries in Europe have launched an online survey on CSA and cultivated biodiversity.

This questionnaire has been sent to CSA networks all over Europe. It aims to map CSAs and producer-consumer partnerships leading in-situ conservation initiatives. It will help the consortium in identifying best practices that will be further explored with in depth interviews.

The questionnaire is available in EN, FR, IT, DE, EL, RO and HU and is accessible at this link:

More info on Urgenci website: