UPDATE: Due to the COVID-19 emergency situation, the members of the European Coordination will confirm the event in the coming weeks – April 3rd at the latest. Alternatively, it will be postponed to October 2020.

The European Forum Let’s Liberate Diversity! is coming to its 11th edition. The event, to be held on 22-24 May 2020 in Scandicci (Florence), Italy, aims to encourage, develop and promote the dynamic management of cultivated biodiversity on farms and gardens.

Let’s Liberate Diversity! is one of the DYNAVERSITY partners, and since 2005 is promoting biodiversity as the key for achieving food sovereignty. For this reason, many European Forums were organized in different countries to allow a participatory and active involvement of various stakeholders.

This year, the 3-day event in Scandicci will include seminars, workshops and meetings on seed and food issues. The Forum will be held at the Castello dell’Acciaiolo and the Casa dell’Agrobiodiversità (House of Agrobiodiversity) of Rete Semi Rurali, also DYNAVERSITY partner.

To open the event on Sunday, May 24th, a market will be held in Piazza Resistenza, with products of local farmers and other networks of organic and biodynamic farming. At the same time, a cultural event will take place in the Auditorium Rogers, with exhibitions on agricultural biodiversity – including the DYNAVERSITY photo exhibit.

Around 200 participants are expected among farmers, researchers, sector associations, professionals and interested parties from all over Italy and delegations from various European countries.

The event is supported by the Municipality of Scandicci.

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