Bread made of biodiverse ancient cereals, such as emmer or einkorn landraces, is incommensurable with the common industrial bread. What are the hindering factors and the supporting solutions beyond the popularity of quality healthy bread?

To spread the idea of having bread made of pure ingredients free of residues and additives on more people’s tables, the Hungarian Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (OMKI) organized the workshop “Production and processing of landrace cereals” on February 10th 2019.

The event took place in Vértesboglár, Hungary, within the framework of the Farmer’s Pride project aimed at finding joint solutions on issues such as the continuous quality and availability of landrace sowing seeds, the production technology of ancient cereals and ways for their processing and marketing.

The workshop involved farmers, millers, artisan bakers and the representatives of civil and research organizations. The Environmental Social Science Research Group (ESSRG), DYNAVERSITY partner, attended the event, contributing with its expertise on how to further develop the supply chain of quality bread.

“Citizens, researchers, bakers, millers and producers co-created a dynamic seed network and short value chains” stated Balint Balazs, Managing Director and Senior research fellow at ESSRG.

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