Last summer the DYNAVERSITY project was featured on Horizon – the EU Research & Innovation Magazine with an interview to Bálint Balázs from ESSRG (Hungary).

The article, signed by Steve Gillman, shows how a reduction in seed diversity undermines ecosystem services. DYNAVERSITY is presented as a possible solution to prevent this, alongside the project ReSEED, also funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

Within DYNAVERSITY, Bálint Balázs leads workpackage 1, which concerns an analysis of the context, concepts and actors involved in management of agrobiodiversity, with emphasis on dynamic and innovative seed systems from both a socio-economic and social perspectives.

During the interview, he explained how this work “is helping to create an inventory of seeds with special traits that could assist farmers in becoming more economically and environmentally resilient”.

Read the full article “Sharing seeds could help farmers grow better food” on Horizon Magazine

Photo credits: ESSRG, Hungary