«It’s easier communicating that the Sumatran tiger is disappearing than communicating that a tomato or rice variety is disappearing». With these words Matthias Lorimer, agronomist and Secretariat of the European Coordination Let’s Liberate Diversity (ECLLD), DYNAVERSITY partner, points out the challenges of rising awareness about the agrobiodiversity loss.

«But genetic erosion and the disappearing of many varieties is really a matter – an important matter. And we need to take action» he says.

To bring diversity back in our food systems, the ECLLD network takes action in many different ways. They promote farmers’ seeds on organic and biodynamic farms, exchanging at the same time knowledge and skills associated with seed’s use and promotion. The network also works to promote a legislative framework favorable to the rights of farmers, hobbyists and small seed companies on agricultural biodiversity.

In one sentence, ECLLD connects people and seeds.

Find out more about the ECLLD’s activities within the DYNAVERSITY European project, which facilitates the integration of scientific and practical knowledge on how to best manage diversity in agriculture and in the entire food chain.

Watch here the complete interview to Matthias Lorimer, Secretariat of the European Coordination Let’s Liberate Diversity:

Video production: Anna Violato