Project Description

Established in 2008, the Association of Resia Garlic “Rosajanski Strok” is aimed at producing a local variety of sweet garlic, known as “strok” by the inhabitants of Resia.

Resia Valley is a typical isolated Alpine glacial valley. Geographical isolation has allowed the preservation of a rich plant biodiversity indeed. At the very beginning, one of the Councilors of the Resia Municipality understood the importance of this local cultivar and started local initiatives with the aim to preserve the memories and the production of this “special” variety of garlic. Later on, thanks to the Julian Prealps Nature Park, that covers a large part of the Resia Valley, the production of garlic has been promoted, supported and guaranteed.

The Resia Garlic association is affiliated to Slow Food, an international organisation aimed at preventing the disappearance of local food cultures and traditions, and has over 30 producers for a production of about 35 quintals of fresh product (2019).

Every producer/ member of the Association keeps and cultivates its own garlic plants. The process is guaranteed by a control system in which the Association controls the producers, the Local Municipality is in charge for labelling the products and the University of Udine study the quality of the seeds and plants. Specific official production guidelines have been elaborated and are officially accepted by all the producers.

The Association organizes also promotional and training activities. The main initiative for the promotion of product and culture, “The Resia Garlic Fair”, is organised every year in July.

Case study info

Country: Italy

Type of case study: association

Crop category: vegetables