Project Description

Magház is a community network that aims to preserve the biological diversity of cultivated plants in the Carpathian basin and at promoting ancient and neglected plant species and varieties as well as the possibilities and techniques of small-scale seed saving and breeding. At the same time, Magház is dedicated to boosting small-scale plant production based on agroecological principles and to raise awareness on the rights and interests of farmers as breeders in order to encourage more and more individuals to grow their own veggies, have their own gardens. Finally, Magház works to create a network for sharing knowledge.

Magház primary target groups are small-holders, hobby gardeners, vegetable growers, subsistence farmers and basically anybody who is interested in chemical-free cultivation or just loves seeds.

As Magház is still a developing network initiative, heavily based on volunteering, with active self-organised communities or hubs throughout the country that can be considered as main members such as in Szeged, Miskolc, Pécs, Budapest or Kecskemét. Magház purposefully avoids centralisation. Instead it is centered around local, regional individuals and communities.

Magház does not sell seed for profit, the commercial market is avoided. Seeds are not sold nor bought; they are swapped for other seeds. In case somebody does not have seeds for exchange, she or he is encouraged to fill out a survey or a quiz or seed recognition game to get a package of seed. The point is not profit, but to make connections, get the conversation going and share knowledge.

Case study info

Country: Hungary

Type of case study: association

Crop category: arable, vegetables