Project Description

EC-LLD is an international non-profit organization inspired to the Let’s Liberate Diversity! Forums (LLD), a series of very participated meetings, that brought together movements on agricultural biodiversity across Europe since 2005. Formally created in 2012, its main challenge is to encourage, develop and promote the dynamic management of cultivated biodiversity on farms and in gardens.

EC-LLD shares the view that food systems are too uniform, and that conventional agriculture has been the only model supported by European policies. Promoting biodiversity is considered by EC-LLD the key for achieving food sovereignty, and thus one of its main goals is to bring back diversity in food systems in a socially and economically sustainable way. This goal can be achieved linking the work of the different actors, supporting their knowledge and actions.

EC-LLD proposes itself as an open and fruitful space of exchange of knowledge and experiences. In its 14 years of activity EC-LLD has found that is crucial to have a platform promoting exchanges among its members to foster local actions. The methodology proposed is a “farmer-to-farmer” approach to training and knowledge sharing. In this way a horizontal exchange among different actors bearing different knowledges is exploited, overcoming the top-down approach.

EC-LLD periodically organises meetings addressed to different targets. “Let’s Liberate Diversity” meetings are addressed to the general public and aim to promote exchange across countries and raise awareness on the importance of agricultural biodiversity. “Let’s Cultivate Diversity” meetings, usually organized in a farm, involve farmers, processors and practitioners, and create opportunities for the exchange of knowledge.

Case study info

Country: 12 European countries

Type of case study: association

Crop category: vegetables, arable