Project Description

ASAT (the Romanian association for supporting peasant agriculture) is a network gathering all the existing local and solidarity-based partnerships between producers and consumers, also called Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). The national ASAT network was declared and registered as an association in 2014, but the first ASAT groups date back from 2007-2008. ASAT network is composed of 10 vegetable producers and 240 “families” (2018).

Farmers members of the association must cultivate a minimum of 30% of traditional/local seeds on their farms. A few of them produce some of their seeds for “easier crops”, such as beans, pumpkins, cucumber or tomatoes. When they cannot produce their own seeds, they receive help from ASAT to find local or traditional seeds: in artisanal peasant seed companies or community seed banks.

The ASAT network organises an annual meeting for farmers, where they can exchange some seeds and discuss about how to cultivate traditional seeds. Moreover, farmers are also used to talk with consumers, because most of them are interested in traditional seeds and they can help farmers to find the seeds.

Each year, the partnership between the consumers and the farmer is evaluated. This fosters discussions between the members about the varieties grown and about their taste. At least one farm visit should be organised for tasting every season.

ASAT is also invited to public events organised by other actors, such as the Ministry of Agriculture or universities, and is involved in a program for high schools to promote sustainable consumption.

Case study info

Country: Romania

Type of case study: association, community supported agriculture

Crop category: arable