On 4 May 2019, the Seventh Edition of the Bread Festival was held at the Rond-point Schuman in Brussels. The event happened when the European institutions opened their doors for the European Institutions Open Day 2019.

Belgian and European citizens, policy makers, scientists, farmers, millers, bakers and chefs from many countries attended the Festival. Hundreds of breads in all forms and colors and from all regions were displayed. The objective was to show the European diversity through breads, which symbolize the different cultures.

Invited by the European Commissions to this event, DYNAVERSITY partner INRA presented one example of multi-actor research on rivet wheat (as developed in DIVERSIFOOD project). The INRA team also brought some rivet wheat breads and biscuits to taste.

Some playing games about peasant seeds and food systems (through photos and cards) were organized to engage a dialogue about these topics with the public, as engaged with the related DYNAVERSITY and CERERE projects.

The objective was also to talk to a large public about cultivated diversity, explaining and how the European projects such as DIVERSIFOOD, DYNAVERSITY and CERERE can offer complementary approaches to sustain the revival of cultivated diversity and high quality food.

Pictures by INRA