On June 15th the Meuse-Rhine-Moselle Network organizes a day dedicated to seed conservation at the Vegetable Technical Centre of Gembloux.

The program of the day includes a visit to the cereal collections, with comparison between new and old varieties, and presentations of different varieties of vegetables. The afternoon is dedicated to workshops that will cover the characterization of varieties to be conserved, the building of proper documentation on them and practical and legal guidelines to become a seed multiplier. A detailed program of the day can be find on Meuse-Rhine-Moselle Network website.

The Meuse-Rhine-Moselle Network is aimed at bringing together the actors active on the theme of peasant and citizen seeds, as Marlène Moreau explained at a Let’s Cultivate Diversity event, last year in Belgium. Among its founding members several associations from Belgium and Luxembourg, including the Dynaversity partner SEED – University of Liège. Let’s Liberate Diversity, also partner of Dynaversity has supported the foundation of this new network.